Gitesh Parmar (Head therapist/trainer) was trained at the elite international institute of Sports Therapy. He is a licensed sports massage therapist and personal trainer and has been working in the health & fitness industry for over 8 years, with a phenomenal track record for helping hundreds of satisfied healthier clients. He has an extraordinary talent in diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating all types of injuries.

His expertise includes personalized fitness training, various massage techniques, neuromuscular facilitation, nutritional & detoxification consulting, making his approach powerful and effective.


Fish Therapy


Fish therapy is a natural therapy which provides no side effects to the skin and helps to treat various types of damaged skin.
lt is one of the most beneficial way in order to cure damaged skin.


Garra Rufa is the original species of Doctor Fish used for Fish Spa Therapy
Treatment. The Garra Rufa fish originate mainly from Turkey, they live and breed
in some hotsprings and spas of kangal (Turkey) and people have been flocking there
for yearsTo get treatment off these clever fish for psoriasis and eczema. These
fishes are able to work together as a team to improve skin conditions through natural
Exfoliation removing dead skin cells by constantly nibbling on the skin areas while
Producing enzyme secretions called diathanol to allow newer skin to regenerate.




Do You Suffer From?


Stiff Neck
Back Pain
Head Aches
Shin Splint
Tennis Elbow
Ankle Sprains
Plantar Fasciitis
Frozen Shoulder
Ligament Damage
Achilles Tendonitis
Repetitive Stress lnjuries
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Or Any Other Ailment or lnjury



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quick tip

  • - Relieves Pain

    - Balances Energy

    - Decreases Strees

    - lncreases Circulation

    - lncreases Range of Motion

    - lncreases ln Fitness Levels

    - Overall Clarity & Wellbeing

    - Assisits Posture & Alignment

    - lncreases Lymphatic Drainage

    - Prevents RSI

  • Minor injuries like sprains may be treated at home if broken bones are not suspected. "RlCE" is helpful in remembering how to treat minor injuries: "R" for rest, "l" is for ice, "C" for compression, and "E" for elevation. Pain and swelling should decrease within 48 hours, and gentle movement is good, do not put pressure on the sprained joint until pain is completely gone
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